Shark Fight Promotions

Shark Fight Promotions is an integrated media and entertainment company founded in 2007 and based in Amarillo, Texas. The company is engaged in the production, promotion, presentation and marketing of premier professional mixed martial arts fighting competitions under the name of Shark Fight Promotions or Shark Fights.

       As an integrated media and entertainment company, Shark Fight Promotions is organized around three principal revenue and operational activities:

•Live and Televised Entertainment
•Branded Merchandise
•Digital Media

Fight Planning and Promoting
Shark Fight Promotions differentiates itself from the competition through their approach to marketing. Instead of building their brand by promoting the company name and its association with MMA, they focus their marketing efforts around the fighter. The company recognized that aggressively promoting the fighter, and the fighter’s affiliation with Shark Fight Promotions, is considerably more effective than trying to build their brand through promoting their name first and the fighters a distant second. The company showcases the storylines and drama surrounding the fighters and the event, ensuring an entertaining and competitive fight.

Company Growth
Shark Fight Promotions has carefully planned their growth from a West Texas promoter to a national media and entertainment company. Business and fiscal decisions are calculated and conservative while marketing tactics are strategic and aggressive. The result is a company that is strong and progressive with a positive national and international reputation.

Shark Fight Promotions strongly believes in giving back; therefore, they participate in a variety of philanthropic endeavors. Through financial contributions and event partnerships, the company supports local and national charities.

       The company has experienced tremendous growth in a short period and appreciates the support they have received from West Texas and the MMA community. Shark Fight Promotions’ knows their success is a result of the enthusiastic participation from their fans, fighters, and sponsors. Dedicated to their supporters, Shark Fight Promotions strives to make each event more exciting than the last.

Shark Fight Promotions, LLC press pass program is for journalists and other members of the media who regularly cover and write about mixed martial arts sporting events. The press pass is given to those applicants who have shown a need for access to Shark Fights for professional purposes. Working media from all mediums will be considered. Please note that applying for a Shark Fights Press Pass does not automatically guarantee or reserve you a Press Pass. All applications must be received no later than 2 weeks prior to the event.

 We have numerous ways in which we can assist working media produce their stories, including fight access and additional story information. Please download, complete and send the Press Pass Application via fax or email.

The application and press pass are NON-TRANSFERABLE. Some restrictions apply. For more information about this subject, please contact Shark Fight Promotions, LLC.

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